Welcome to KHEU

  • KHEU staff at the OCI GATE Conference 2014

  • Cabinet Secretery for Education Science & Technology, Prof. Jacob Kaimenyi recognising the 'uniqueness' and 'christian character' potrayed by KHEU. "...this is special...that specialization in Universities, like KHEU

  • Kenya Highlands Evangelical University Invites you to the 41st Graduation Ceremony that will take place on 11th September 2015 at the Main Campus.

  • The Chancellor, Governing Council and Management Board of KHEU Invites you an Endowment Fund Raising on 8th August 2015 at KHEU. Guest of Honour: Deputy President - Hon. William Ruto


How to Apply


Duly completed forms should be returned to academics office with a non-refundable fee as follows:- Certificate and bridging courses - Kshs 300, Diploma and Pre-University Courses - Kshs 500, Undergraduate Courses - Kshs 1000, Payable to Kenya Highlands Evangelical University bank account:

A/C  NO.  0102824221700
Kenya  Highland Evangelical University
Standard Chartered Bank
Kericho Branch